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10 Inspirational Olympic National Park Pictures and Photos


Washington holds many treasures. Mount Adams, Baker, and St. Helens are just begging you to climb them. When Winter knocks on your door, it is time to go skiing and snowboarding. The rivers and lakes entice you to kayak on their waters. But one treasure keeps people coming back over and over again. Without further ado, I give you 10 Inspirational Olympic National Park Pictures and Photos.

It is why people keep coming back here again and again. There is so much to do and see. With each visit, you are sure to find something new to see and explore.

Let’s get started.

1. The Coastline is a Wonderful Treat

Because the Northwest’s coastline is undeveloped, it is untamed and wild. It roams free. The fog rolls over the ocean side cliffs and drifts gently down into the ocean. The forest butts up right to the beach. It is just wonderful. You are sure to enjoy backpacking up and down these coasts.

The driftwood washes ashore and the clouds dance above in twists and turns. The sea foam comes to your feet and then slowly recedes back.

2. Who Would Think There Would be a Rain Forest Here?

If there is one thing you need to see in Olympic National Park, it is Olympic Rain Forest. It defines the national park. You would think there would only be a rain forest in the South or Hawaii, but actually there is one in Washington! It mesmerizes me every time I think about it.

The green moss you see on the tree above arises only because of certain environmental conditions. In other words, there is plenty of darkness and wetness to go around. The moss can get so heavy it even throws trees off balance.

Whenever I look at this photo, I think of Fangorn Forest in the Lord of the Rings. You almost expect to stumble into Treebeard while you’re in Olympic National Park.

3. Wild Flowers and Hurricane Ridge Go Hand in Hand

One of my favorite parts about this national park is the wild flowers. They are lovely. If you grew up in the suburbs, then you know people try to tame and manicure everything to perfection. There can be nothing out of place. Wild flowers do the opposite. They just spring up wherever and whenever they like.

4. Lake Quinault and its Rain Forest are Magnificent

Lake Quinault and Quinault rain forest are much like Olympic rain forest. They come with lots of moss, wetness, and darkness for you to wander and ponder through.

Wherever you look, you can find stunning scenery. The scenic loop surrounding Lake Quinault lets you drive around the waters with ease. You are sure to get a stunning panoramic of the whole area. There are plenty of hiking trails to choose from.

5. Lake Crescent is Another Excellent Lake to See

Located on Olympic peninsula, Crescent Lake is lovely. The crystal clear waters glimmer and sparkle when the sun’s rays strike them. You would think this place would be especially busy in the Spring, but this is not so. The wonderful place gets little traffic, so you are sure to rest with ease on its calm shores.

Interestingly enough, many vampire and horror movies have been filmed here. Crescent Lake sure does look like something out of a movie doesn’t it?

6. Sol Duc Falls Will Leave You Gaping in Awe

Image Credit: Jon Stockton

The Sol Duc Falls tumble down the mountains to create the lovely photo you see here. If you go during the summer, then you might be treated to an exquisite rainbow. The falls can be accessed by an easy 1.5 mile hike. All along the way to the top, you can find smaller creeks and falls to keep your eyes busy.

It is sure to help you slow down and appreciate the roses.

7. Deer Park Offers Plenty of Wonderful Views

On the eastern, dry side of the Olympics, you can find Deer Park. Unlike its wetter counterpart, Deer Park lacks water, but makes up for it in rugged terrain.

It is another part of this national park you need to see. It provides plenty of panoramic shots for you to wonder in awe of. As you drive up the tight and twisty road to the top, you are sure to find plenty of spectacular views to keep you company. Pull off to the side of the road and take a picture to remember the moment.

8. Ruby Beach at Sunset is Just Breathtaking

Wow! Look at the colors bounce off the landscape. It is stunning. If there is one thing you have to go see here, it is Ruby Beach. It is one of the most visited parts of the Olympus peninsula. You are sure to be taken aback by the stunning scenery each time you look.

The sunset is just perfect for couples looking for romance.

9. Do You Want to Meet Some Greek Gods?

Mount Olympus is another treat. It thunders forth from the earth and towers before you like a giant. You, unfortunately, will not find Zeus, Aphrodite, and their relatives here. You have to travel to Greece to meet them. If you are a mountaineer, then you are sure to find a great challenge in the majesty of Mount Olympus.

As was famously said about Mount Everest, ‘because it’s there.’

10. A Stroll on Ruby Beach is Marvelous

After wandering and jumping from one part of the park to another, you are sure to need a break. It is time to take a short stroll and unwind for the day. The waves break gently on the shore. The sun pierces the water and glistens before your eyes. It is wonderful.

You are sure to put this park in your pocket for another day, but now it is time to head back home.

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