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10 Reasons to Go Winter Camping


Why would anyone want to go winter camping in the first place? It’s cold, windy, chilly, and freezing who knows what parts of my body. There are icicles dangling from my beard. Brrrr! I think I just hallucinated a polar bear. It is quite the challenge. I have a question for you though. Why wouldn’t you want to go winter camping? If you go, you will never be the same again. This article, 10 Reasons to Go Winter Camping, will be sure to help convince you otherwise.

Let’s get started, so you can be off and on your way to a great adventure. I know you have great things in you.

1. Put Some Hair on Your Chest

Depending on who you are, you may or may not want hair on your chest. Winter camping probably won’t literally put hair on your chest. What I am really trying to get at is that this, in other words, is a great challenge. Winter camping is an opportunity to test your bounds and push yourself beyond what you think you can handle. You probably have a lot more in you than you think you have.

In short, you build your character. Life seems a lot easier by comparison. If you can handle the below freezing temperatures and the ice forming on your face, then cleaning your house or going for another goal seems a lot easier by comparison. You can handle it because you have gone winter camping.

2. There are No Bugs to Get You Down

When I camped in Northern Turkana, my friends and I would be swarmed by bugs every night at dinner time. They would form a mold on the lanterns, fighting one another just to get a hold of the light. It was a great spectacle to see them all over the place. Often times (all the time really), the bugs would fall (fly) into our food and it would be a challenge of who found the most bugs in their food. Bleh!

When you go winter camping though, you do not have to deal with that. Because it is cold and chilly outside, the bugs are hibernating until the Spring, so you get a bit of a reprieve from all of them until then.

3. Silence Heals a Weary Mind

One of the great parts about nature is the amount of silence. Compared to the suburbs or downtown or the office, there is a lot of commotion. Everything moves, bustles, and hustles. You cannot find any rest. In nature though, especially in the winter time, you give your ears some much-needed rest and relaxation. People are not jumping up and down on your ear drums anymore. You can breathe a sigh of relief. In the dead of winter, you can appreciate the surrounding beauty.

4. The Campfire Can Be a lot Warmer Now

Because it is winter time and wood is wet, you can get away with having a larger campfire. The dampness muffles all attempts at a wildfire. You can really get your own personal dutch oven up and going in no time flat. It is a bit more of a challenge now of sparking a fire because of the extra moisture, but that is part of the experience.

5. Develop a Greater Appreciation for Home

When you are surviving below zero and even thriving through the chilly whip of winter, life at home seems a lot easier by comparison. The home heater makes everything warm. When your walls seem to be paper thin, the drywall at home feels a lot thicker. Look! I’m not getting ice forming around my eyes. My hands can move a lot easier now that I have the ability to move about.

6. Bringing Bacon? You Got All the Ice You Need

In other words, you do not need to bring a cooler along with you. Just toss it outside and pack some snow on top and you can be snoozing away with your bacon and eggs just fine.

If you are still looking for a cooler though, then I suggest you check out one of my previous articles, The Best Coolers for Camping. It will help you narrow down the search for the right cooler. With all the options listed in the article, you will be sure to find the one just right for you. Whether you have a limited budget or a big one, you can bet there is one for you.

7. Winter Camping Gives You Bragging Rights

Are you looking to tell your bar friends a great story? Do you want to one up your parents? Winter camping makes for a great Facebook post to make your friends jealous. I mean who does that? Obviously you. You will now have another story in your arsenal to share with everyone. If you are looking to get back at the obnoxious guy at work, then you have found a way to do it. Remembering your tears frozen solid by the sheer chill of the winter swell, you leave that memory behind to brag to your friends.

8. The Crowd is Just Not There

Don’t get me wrong. Places like Yosemite, Yellowstone, and the Grand Canyon are splendid. There is a reason people keep coming to them year after year in such high numbers. They are spectacular. At the same time though, the high number of people detract from the beauty. It is hard to appreciate the scenery when 50 people are snapping photos and breathing down your neck. The beauty of nature becomes something it was not meant to be, stressful.

You won’t find those people when you go winter camping though. They want the easy life, a simple photo they can let them say they were there. You won’t find those same people in the dead of winter. With them gone, the stress falls off. You can sip your coffee and bask in the morning silence.

9. Winter Time Gives You New Views

Unlike summer camping, winter camping gives you new views. In the Santa Cruz mountains, a new-found dampness falls over the mountains with the arrival of winter. In other parts of the country, you can find snow and ice forming on the hills and the streams grinding to a halt as the top slows down until it is ice. The world looks a bit different when it is cold, white, and damp.

You see the seasonal change.

10. Depending on Where You Are, Winter is Your Only Option

If you are in Texas, winter time is really the only time you can go camping. Summer is just too humid and hot. You are surrounded by bugs and sweating up a storm. It is quite the hassle. If you are in Arizona or Southern California, the days reach well past 100 during the summer. Winter camping seems a lot better by comparison.

The seasons affect everyone differently depending on where you are. New York is almost covered in 5 feet of snow right now and New Mexico is not looking so bad as a winter refuge by comparison. Sometimes winter may be the most enjoyable time to go camping.

Are You Going to Get Outside this Week?

Well you should now have plenty of reasons to get outside and get moving. Winter time camping is not what most people think it is. In the chill of winter, you find opportunity to grow and develop as a person. I do have something to ask of you before you go though. You will find a link to AllTrails.com below. It is my go to site for finding trails near me. At the very least, go winter hiking once this season. It is a small step before winter camping. So what do you say? Are you going to get outside this week? You have the courage in you. A new dawn awaits.

If you have any thoughts, questions, or think I missed anything, do not hesitate to comment below and please share the article. Thank you so much and I hope you make it a great day!


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