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No More Excuses for the Outdoors – Quotes, Advice, and Tips


It can be downright difficult to make time for the outdoors. I know I have struggled. Life happens. School makes you work late. Work means you need to get up early. Family takes over the weekend. Responsibility takes hold of you. There’s little wiggle room. That begs the question. How do you get you off your butt and into nature? Well, this article, No More Excuses for the Outdoors – Quotes, Advice, and Tips, has got you covered.

In it, I will go over the number one excuse people have for the outdoors, provide some tips, motivate you with some quotes, and hit home with time honored, common knowledge. It’s your life. You need to live it eventually.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

Your Time is the Most Valuable Thing You Own

A lack of time is, by a wide margin, the number one excuse people have for not getting outdoors. I get that. Life comes up. The kids need to be picked up. School work is hefty. Family wants to hang out. Those are all valid excuses. At the same time though, you need ‘me time,’ time for you to live your life.

This article is all about making that ‘me time’ because you deserve it. When you have those precious hours to yourself, you can live on your own terms, not for someone else but you. You can think, reflect, and decide what it is you want. Life then seems like a lot less of a drag.

Unfortunately most people run into trouble. They let others take a hold. Instead of taking a proactive approach, they are reactive. They spend too much time working and not enough time living. You need the downtime to grow as a person.

How do you make the time? The next top 5 tips will help with just that.

My Top 5 Tips to Find the Time

1. Go First Thing in the (Usually a Weekend) Morning.

This gives you the most time. Life is slower on a Sunday morning. Morning is when most people have the most free time. If you get outdoors first thing in the morning, then you take care of yourself for the rest of the day.

It is easy for responsibility to get in the way later in the day. Emails pop up. Kids creep in. You need to down another coffee. If you hike, spend time on the water, or watch a sunrise first thing in the morning, you are more guaranteed to follow through.

Your will power is greatest in the morning, not late at night before bed. Mornings are less hectic than afternoons. You live life within your grasp then.

You might think you have enough time, but life will pass you by before you know it.

2. Find a Trail with AllTrails, TrailLink, Google, a Chamber of Commerce, or a Hiking Book.

You have plenty of ways to find excellent trails near you. If the internet has created anything, it is not a lack of resources. Information scarcity is no longer an issue. If you are on a budget like me, then you can read a lot of different resources for free. You are not limited to just this blog.

You can read reviews, get ratings, and see pictures before you even step outside. Before the internet you could not do that, you just had to take the word of others. You can now afford to be picky.

3. Facebook, Meetup.com, and Many Organizations Offer ‘Get Togethers.’

If Pokemon has taught me anything, it can be dangerous to go alone. More than anything else though, some people want to show them the ropes or talk to another person besides someone from work, family, or school. It is scary to be alone with your thoughts. You have to face some tough existential questions. We all want to avoid that.

You can find a tribe of like-minded people. You are not restricted to word of mouth. There are tons of hiking groups. Facebook groups offer you local neighborhoods of like-minded people. Meetup.com provides an offline/online experience with plenty of options. And groups like the Sierra Club have regular meet ups for local chapters.

If you are looking for hikers, bikers, surfers, campers, backpackers, or anyone else of the sort, you can find your tribe.

4. If You’re Tired, Outdoor Exercise Elevates Your Mood.

You will feel better after a hike. I guarantee it. Fresh air and greenery rewards your eyes. The initial preparation and actual travel might be a hurdle, but the outdoors is a lot easier once you get into the rhythm of things on the trail.

Once you are done, you have a present waiting for you, endorphins. Yup, that’s right. Your body rewards you with a mood boost. You don’t have to wait for a pat on the back. Your blood flow improves, warming your cells with increased oxygen. The energy levels rise. You start to smile. The break clears your mind and lets you think better about your responsibilities. You know what to do.

If you feel down, any outdoor activity will make you feel better.

5. Start Small, but Dream Big.

People are, all too often, in a constant comparison game. They look at the lives of other people through Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Snapchat and say ‘I want that’ when really it is all an illusion. An image is only just a moment captured in time, not the actual day to day of someone living their life. You cannot make an adequate judge of character online. People look online at others and think the jump is impossible.

That is not the case.

Your first hike or outdoor adventure doesn’t have to be super long. It can be as short as a mile or fifteen minutes, nothing crazy. Obese people who lose 200 lbs to become healthy do so because they first focus on 10 lbs in a week. If you break it down further, it’s less than 2 lbs a day, totally doable.

They see weight loss as a long term game that won’t be won overnight, but over several months.

Your goals can be small to start with. It can be walking to work, watching the sunset, or looking at the ocean. Be creative. Only set your first goal as what you damn well know you will complete, something completely realistic.

At the same time though, you cannot be at the small goal level forever. You need to go beyond what you think is possible. It won’t be done overnight, but over months and years. Make it big and bold, something impossible. If you shoot for the stars, you may not become one of them, but you may end up on the moon.

Some Quotes to Get You Off Your Feet

My words can only do so much to inspire you. Fortunately for both of us though, there are wiser people to draw on for inspiration. I get giddy just reading some words of these people.

“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better” – Albert Einstein

In other words, life comes to fruition outdoors. Things start to make sense. You feel better from the fresh air and sunshine. You can think more clearly. It doesn’t have to be for long, only a little.

“Just living is not enough… one must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower” – Hans Christian Andersen

You need more out of this life, not just a cycle of work, school, family repeat. It is a drag. You need time for yourself and what really matters in life.

You’re Going to Go One Day – Enjoy Life While You Can

Death is real. There is no way around it. As master statesman Benjamin Franklin once put it, “…in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” When it comes to the latter, you might be able to live on a private island with shell companies footing the bill, but there is no way you can avoid the former. It is always by your side, no matter where you are. That is a guarantee.

Death is coming whether we want it to or not. For some it might take them by surprise. For others it is no big deal. Either way this brings me to a quote.

“Because in the end, you won’t remember the time you spent working in the office or mowing your lawn. Climb that goddamn mountain.” – Jack Kerouac

Life is short. Before we exist, we do not exist. And after we exist, we cease to exist. There’s a brief interlude of our existence in there. Most of our time is spent not existing in empty nothingness. You need to enjoy the time you have here. It is brief.

The number one regret of the dying is not living a life true to themselves. Is it yours right now?

If the reality of death won’t get you off your feet into the outdoors, then I don’t know what will.

Are You Looking for Some Boots to Get Started?

You should be all set to go. I hope this piece has helped you to reexamine your life values. How we spend our days is how we spend our lives. Good luck on finding the time for the outdoors. You deserve it.

Before you go on your hike though, you might want to consider some hiking boots. They are essential. Fortunately for you though, the article, The Best Men’s Lightweight Waterproof Hiking Boots of 2019, is here to help. (I update these types of articles annually and they come in comparable women’s pairs :)). When your feet are happy on a long hike, you are happy. Good hiking boots can make that happen. Think of all the memories some boots can bring.

If you have any thoughts, questions, or think I missed anything, do not hesitate to comment below and please share the article. Thank you so much and I hope you make it a great day!


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